Business owners

Are you running a hotel, espresso bar, restaurant or food store? Would you like to offer the most delicious cakes in the world to your customers20? Contact us and we will help you start!

Four reasons why Marlenka honey cake is suitable for your business:

1) international delicacy, which is becoming more and more popular in various countries in Europe and around the world (suitable for international hotels);

2) tastes really well with a cup of coffee and helps you to enjoy both like never before (great option for cafe lounges and espresso bars);

3) has got extremely long shell life due to new technology of vacuum packaging - 2 months in a room temperature (up to 25°C) or 6 month in the refrigerator (suitable for food stores and long term storage);

4) is free of preservatives and synthetic coloring and therefore carries the NATURAL PRODUCT status (suitable for restaurants where customers are expecting exceptional quality for their money).


To support you to sell Marlenka honey cakes at your place we provide various promotional material:

Table stands


When you start offering the new product, it is essential to let your customers know that there is something new to try. We recommend to place these table stands around and on your tables. There is even a little space where you can put the price of the portion.

Plastic display Marlenka


Helps you to display the cake and to have it covered so it won`t get dry. Dimensions of a plastic box are 290x290x100mm.



To promote the cakes indoor. Dimensions of a blackboard are 600x400mm.



For carrying cakes or other food and beverages around your place.



For displaying the cakes in your food store. The hight of a stand is 188 cm and the capacity is 20 cakes.